Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Google Web Browser - Chrome

The newest service from Google is called "Chrome", it is a web browser with stunning user interface with but not bulky or heavy on resources. Actually nice implementation of KISS principle.

Chrome supports tabs as other web browsers and the other main features are,
  • Web application shortcut creation
  • Amazing crash control, If one web application crashes it won't affect other tabs.
  • And security features such as skipping "History" for certain pages, unsafe/malware/phishing site warnings.
  • Instance book marking as in firefox 3 buy cling start icon.
  • Can import data from Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Nice download manager
  • Web History, Search, suggestions all in one field.
  • Opera like speed dial.
Google chrome is based on open source technologies from Firefox and web kit engine. Google chrome is an open source software and based on multiple licenses mainly BSD license. Google Chrome is currently available for Microsoft Windows only.


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