Thursday, May 29, 2008

CodeIDE - Web based online IDE

With advancements of web 2.0 and AJAX more and more web services born everyday. CodeIDE is one of the hottest in the town. CodeIDE is an online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where you can do coding, saving (for registered users and registration is free :-) ), execution (For most of the languages), debugging with the touch of other online collaboration features such as chatting, wikis, blogs etc.

Currently CodeIDE supports Pascal, Basic, C++, ASM (Assembly Language), Perl, JavaScript, HTML, Flex, MySQL, Prolog, LISP and MATH. It rapidly increases the language support day by day.

The editor features syntax highlighting. Users also has search/replace function, import/export etc. With some languages users can create a binary executable for Linux or Windows operating systems. It also has a minicode IDE feature where users can embed code portions on their websites/blogs with syntax highlighting.

For any one whose into programming or web designing, CodeIDE will be a smart tool.


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