Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Call USA and Canada free from anywhere on Earth!

Free calls? Is it true?
Yes! It is true. Now you can call any land line or mobile phone in Canada or USA for free with 5 minutes maximum duration per call, absolutely free. There is no limit on the number of calls that you can make.

So what is the amazing application that give you such facility for free?
It is not Skype definitely. :-)
This amazing application is called iCall. You can find out more about it on This not very hot news. iCall is providing this service for a some time now. But it is unknown to most of people.

So how can I made calls?
Just visit and install the application. And start iCall.
When wizard appeared select the option to create new account and do so.
Then log again with your user name and password.
Followed the wizard and call you buddies in North America.

How can I remove 5 minutes limitation? Is there a hack?
Buy the iCall Pro. It is worth the money. :-)

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