Thursday, July 31, 2008

xAurora - yet another web browser?

xAurora claims to be developed using assembly language (which accounts for its very small size), and claims to be very fast and secured compared to other web browsers. xAurora has very tightened security.

xAurora introduction presentation claims that other web browser security model is only considering about "Application security" and "System security" but xAurora security model includes both "Application security" and "Systems security" plus "Kernel security". Probably it is touching the kernel space also.

Features of xAurora
  • Artificial Intelligent Threat Management System
  • Web browser runs on kernel mode.
  • Contains multi proxy, bounce proxy, chain proxy and reverse proxy features.
  • Has multi network and pure hardware acceleration.
  • Tweaks windows TCP/IP stack to archive maximum performance.
Default user interface looks very messy. But not to worry you can always configure it. xAurora also enriched with several skins, plugins. xAurora doesn't have a official web site yet it was introduce using a Sri Lankan web forum call This web browser is developed by Sri Lankan, Dr. Sameera De Alwis (A.K.A. HackerZMafiA). And this web browser is funded by ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency - Sri Lanka).

So I'm Interested, where can I find it?

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